Family Life at New Life


In today’s real world we have an enormous battle on our hands. This fight centers on the very core of who we are and our biblical worldview. The family and the church are under attack in unprecedented ways and we are in an undeniable crisis. The very foundation of the church is at stake. We must face this reality head on.

Parents struggle to know how to equip their children to face something they themselves never faced. If we are going to take this culture back for the kingdom of God, then we must focus on Family Ministry in the church.

This is the purpose of New Life’s FAMILY FELLOWSHIP MINISTRY. We face real life with real issues but the good news is there are real answers. God created the institution of the family and New Life places the family as its highest priority.

Our goal is to establish strong family and church relationships and equip the family with the tools to succeed and flourish. We accomplish this through:

o    Group study curriculum on marriage, parenting, finances in our weekly programs
o    Marriage and parenting Summits with nationally known speakers
o    Regular Family Fellowships
o    Events centered on family involvement and relationship building
o    Marriage and Relationship Counseling

To equip the family with strategies and resources for true discipleship starting in the home being supplemented and reinforced by New Life Family Worship Center

Develop whole and healthy families producing strong marriages and fruitful relationships within the family thereby establishing a strong foundation for the church to build upon.  Family ministry at New Life is not simply getting families to do more programs in the church building, but to see spiritual life and growth occur at home.


The Home as a Spiritual Discipleship Center

  • God created the institution of marriage and family as the foundation for human life, society, and the church. (Gen 1)
  • The family was created to be an active, vibrant and powerful spiritual discipleship center (Gen 18:18, Duet. 6:5-9, Eph. 6:4)

The Marriage Covenant grounded in Spiritual unity

God created marriage so we would

  • Reflect His image (Gen. 1:26-28)
  • Reflect His Church (Mark 2:19)
  • Experience the blessing of two lives and hearts becoming one (Gen. 2:21-25)
  • Unity within marriages is pleasant to our Father and good for each other. It is to be a place that refreshes us and we find anointing resulting in Gods commanded blessing (Psalms 133:1-3, Duet.28:1-8)
  • Spiritual unity in marriage is critical for impressing the hearts of children with love for God (Malachi 2:15)

The Practice of Family Worship

  • Families engaged in sharing spiritual life together in the home through
    prayer, reading scripture, family devotions and creative learning
    experiences, should be developed as the spiritual center of family life
  • When spiritual life is taking place in the home, the covenant relationship is established for eternity. Families can then be meaningfully challenged to engage in service, missions, and the ongoing use of their home as an evangelistic hospitality center fulfilling the great commission (matt 28: 16-20)

The Relationship between Church and Home

  • The church is called by God to provide support, encouragement, training, and accountability for the Christian home (Heb 10:24-25, Acts 20:27-28)
  • It is vital for the health of the church, and the spiritual health of the family to experience the worship of God in a generational context. Therefore; multi-generational worship gatherings are an integral part of the relationship between home and church  (Exodus 12:21-28, Deut 16: 9-11, Joel 215-17)

To Establish and Enhance Covenant relationships
o    Spouse
o    Children
o    Fellowship opportunity and activities

To Elevate and Encourage the spirit man
o    Family devotions development
o    Family church involvement

To Equip and Educate
o    Enhanced weekly teachings in every Worship Program
o    Weekly Adult Bible Study
o    Weekly Youth Bible Study
o    Interactive Website Resources